Thursday, June 14, 2018

Pit Stop At Polcari's In Woburn

We were recently in the Winchester area and it was on about the early afternoon when, suddenly, we ALL had an idea at the same time:  lunch at Polcari's. 

There is something almost nostalgic about the place including the fact that they don't seem to do any social media whatsoever.  They feature, if you don't already know and it's actually pretty hard to imagine anyone that doesn't, a menu of traditional Italian-American dishes like Grandma used to make if your Grandma happened to be Italian.  But even if she wasn't, going to Polcari's is still kind of like going home. 


Of course we broke up the warm, crusty bread and sopped up the herbed olive oil served with it knowing it was going to prevent us from finishing the large portion they always serve but, hey, it's part of the tradition.  I went with the Chicken Picatta served with linguine.  It's just exactly what you would expect it to be, like home cooking, the sautéed, breaded chicken cutlets, the lemony sauce with capers, a sprinkle of parsley for color.  As satisfying as ever.

Schiaffettoni:  caramelized onions, toasted walnuts, fresh spinach and a creamy garlic sauce.  It was full of flavor and the pasta the standard requisite texture of al dente.  An easy choice for next time as I often don't think of this dish.

A very simple Chicken Florentine with the braised spinach and mozzarella was just like you'd get (or make) at home. 

Whenever you're in the Winchester/Woburn area or driving by that Montvale Exit we all see on I-93, take a stop in and relax for an hour or two.  It's like going home.

309 Montvale Avenue
Woburn, MA  01801
Telephone:  781.938.1900


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