Thursday, December 28, 2017

Finding Your Winter Winefest

We confirmed just yesterday (and were saddened to hear) that the Boston Wine Expo will not be happening this year.  This knocks a big weekend out of our winter social calendar as the Expo has for years been the largest of it's kind and one that we regularly attended.

Of course we still have the event at Mohegan Sun that has been renamed this year as the Sun Wine and Food Fest.  What's new is that they will be adding a much bigger food factor to the event for 2018.  In the past our readers have mentioned that the food was scant so I guess they listened and are giving the people what they want:  more Chefs and more food at the Grand Tasting, more food events and ... brunch with Martha Stewart!

As many of our readers and followers attended the Expo in the past and not having it will leave a big void on the events landscape we encourage you all to check out the Mohegan event and make it a fun winter weekend getaway.  Join us at Sun Wine And Food Fest 2018!  For tickets and more information on all the events click here.

TBF is partnering with Mohegan Sun to promote this event.

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