Monday, August 21, 2017


Despite many trips to Europe I can't really say that I was ever enthused about visiting any of the wax museums.  I thought of them as sort of creepy to be honest, like walking through some kind of dungeon with ghosts or a horror movie.

So, I had to admit I thought it strange when I started getting press releases about a new wax museum called Dreamland opening in Boston.  Do people even go to these any longer?  And, if so, exactly what type of person does go?

The answer is yes, they do go, in droves, and patrons cross all ages and races with a decided nod to the young.  It seems the current celebrity-obsessed, Instagram-addicted population has found a way to rub elbows with the famous even if it means that the lookalike might require a healthy dose of imagination.  And it's really quite fun.

I mean, some of the wax figures are pretty spot on, Snoop Dog probably being the best of the lot.  The Tom Brady is no Tom Brady.  The Trump is no Trump.  Some of the others look like maybe they have a swollen nose or their cheek bones receded.  That hair on Bill Clinton?  An emphatic no but I wondered if he was really that tall.  A query to one of the very knowledgeable attendants (and they are all very well informed about the displays) assures us that, indeed, all of the figures are the actual height of the person represented. 

It was an ocean of iPhones and cameras as we stood and watched the crowd.  WCVB's show Chronicle was there broadcasting the Grand Opening VIP Reception live as if it were the Oscars.  You could stand with historic figures and world leaders for portraits and selfies.  It didn't seem to make any difference if they were alive or not. 

The fantasy of standing at the Presidential podium, shades on and wineglass in hand was irresistible.  As was sitting at the desk in the Oval Office, red phone in hand.

Normally I'd say take the kids but in this case I'm actually going to say leave the kids at home and take the teens.  They seem to love it more than anyone.  You might even be surprised to find it a fun afternoon or evening yourself.

Dreamland Wax Museum
One Washington Street
Boston, MA  02108
Telephone:  857.223.5437


Here's the Chronicle event coverage and interviews:

Dreamland Wax Museum Gala

We attended this event as members of the invited media.  That means we didn't have to pay just like Chronicle (or anyone else) didn't have to pay but we have to say that and they don't.  Silly FTC.  As always, we call 'em as we see 'em. 

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