Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lunch At Mamma Maria With Zucchi Olive Oil

As mentioned in our last post we recently enjoyed lunch at Mamma Maria in the North End following our Zucchi Olive Oil Blending Experience.  We began with the very fresh bread and pesto pictured above.  We had just a small morsel as we knew there would be multiple courses to follow. 

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella (flown in from Campagna, Italy) with sautéed, vine-ripened tomatoes.  I have always loved the simplicity of Italian fare.  Quality ingredients simply prepared will always win with me.

Classic Carpaccio, you can't beat the original as created by Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy.

Imported Artisinal Salumi Sampler With Local, Roasted Vegetables.

Homemade Mushroom Ravioli.  Hand-foraged, wild mushrooms are used in this very flavorful dish.

English Pea Risotto.  You don't often see a pea risotto on an Italian table so this was a refreshing change served with sautéed ramps, pea tendrils and a spiced tarragon pesto.

Wild Maryland Striped Bass.  Grilled and served with a warm salad of white beans and Maine kale.  The Sweet And Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil (my favorite) was used in this dish.

Fresh Favas.  Served with a pecorino Toscano and wrapped in a crispy parmesan tuile this was a great savory finish.

And the finale, Torta Di Polenta.  We all thought this would be more pudding-like.  Surprise, it was much more like a dense cornbread.  And delicious.

Mamma Maria
3 North Square
Boston, MA  02113
Telephone:  617.523.0077

This luncheon was provided by the restaurant as part of the olive oil blending experience without regard to any editorial content or consideration.

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