Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lunch At Ma Maison With Chef Jacky Robert

As noted in our previous post, we recently had an invite from Chef Jacky Robert of Ma Maison in Beacon Hill for a fun-filled cooking lesson.  Well, that was followed by, of course, a great lunch.  The table was set elegantly in what is a small restaurant that feels so authentically French.  It's so refreshing when you walk into a place that isn't plastered with flat screen TVs and the music so loud that it prevents conversation.  What is dining out without the laughs and conversation, anyway?  Boring.

It was three simple courses but executed so beautifully that it was hard to find fault with anything.  I began with the Lobster Bisque, one of my favorite dishes.  I can honestly say that this was, hands down, the best lobster bisque I have ever had.  The typical complaint is the scant amount of lobster.  Not here.  There were large chunks of claw meat throughout and the delicate lobster flavor was not drowned in a buttery rich liquid.  You could taste the hint of the sea in every spoonful.  Seriously, THE best.  I will be back, likely more than once, just for this dish.  Fantastic.

Next, I chose the Pan Seared Sea Scallops, Crabmeat and Sautéed Spinach.  Just look at how perfectly done those scallops are, a beautiful golden, barely crisp caramel out the outside and opaque, almost creamy, inside.  The flavors and seasonings were delicious and the presentation just gorgeous.  Another hit.

Peach Crème Brulee.  Top quality ingredients well-executed once again.  The peach flavor was surprisingly bolder than I expected and the brulee was obviously in the hands of a true professional.  Again, flawless.

All of this was washed down with an impressive rosé Domaine Pey Blanc, a French import, which I have never tried before.  I recommend you check it out this summer.

The stretch of Cambridge Street across from MGH is often thought of as a culinary dead zone with a few shining stars and not much else really worthy.  Ma Maison is worth a visit and a stellar idea for a weekend lunch where, in true French fashion, food is a work of art.

Ma Maison
272 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA  02114
Telephone:  617.725.8855


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