Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Chefs In Shorts 2017 Part I

Last week's Chefs In Shorts event officially kicked off our outdoor grilling season.  Congrats to everyone who participated in this very fun annual event to benefit Future Chefs.  Here is Part I of the party pics featuring all of the restaurant teams who cooked or helped at the event.  Chefs and restaurants are free to copy and share any of the photos and thank you, again, for supporting Future Chefs!  If you don't see your team yet don't worry.  We'll be posting more pics all week as a thank you to all of the restaurants and chefs who are so generous to many charitable organizations, often far more so than food writers and bloggers.  We'd like to challenge the bloggers and writers to more volunteerism and support.  You're not living unless you're giving.

TBF is a proud, longtime supporter of and ambassador for Future Chefs.  If you'd like to help and/or volunteer please DO let us know or contact Future Chefs directly through the link.

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