Monday, March 20, 2017

Date Night Deal At Coda Bar And Kitchen

We were recently invited to Coda Bar And Kitchen in the South End to experience their Monday evening Date Night special.

This is a special dining offer for two and, yes, we know that Monday may not be your typical date night but if you can make it then you'll be able to enjoy this really great value.

The deal is that you get two appetizers, very generous portions I must say, then split a main course and dessert all for forty dollars total.  Not bad!


I opted for this Endive Salad which was quite good and the runny egg you see there was every bit as perfect as it looks.  Of course both of us shared the appetizers and there was plenty enough to go around.


The Crispy Polenta was our favorite taste, however.  Perfectly done with a chicken confit inside and floating in a puddle of creamy tomato soup.  Really good.

Our main was this Half Chicken which, again, was perfectly turned out.  Somebody here really knows how to roast a chicken and the brussels sprouts were also excellent. 

For dessert we opted for these Ice Cream Sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies and vanilla gelato.

All in all a great value and we did not leave feeling hungry.  The appetizer portions, as mentioned, were quite substantial.  In fact, this was more satisfying than the sea of "small plates" restaurants where one can spend a lot more and depart feeling like you now need to go somewhere else for dinner after dropping a hundred dollars on a few drinks and tastes.

Of course, there are other menu options to choose from as listed in the photo above.  A glass of wine will add about an additional ten to eleven bucks per person.  We went with a dry Finger Lakes region Riesling that was perfect.  So, Monday nights are it if your looking for a quality night out in Boston at a very reasonable price.

Coda Bar And Kitchen
329 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA  02116
Telephone:  617.536.CODA


We were invited to dinner as guests with no promise of any editorial coverage or consideration.

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