Friday, January 6, 2017

Foodie Reads

It's winter, cold and snowy, and who on these nights doesn't like to curl up with a good book and a blanket or fireplace?  It's the New England thing to do.

Of course, we love to read stories about food.  In this case it's about the American dream of opening a restaurant of one's very own.  The twist here, however, is that the restaurant is to be located in ... Paris! 

I really enjoyed this memoir of Craig Carlson and all the foibles and challenges involved with the opening of one's first eatery.  Where to find a location?  Staff?  Customers?  Would a classic American style diner even be welcome in what many consider to be the gastronomic capital of the world?  Well, we won't ruin it for you but it goes without saying that it was an interesting ride filled with all sorts of memorable personalities. 

If you are looking for something to read and have ever worked in the food industry or thought about what it's like opening a restaurant, you'll enjoy PANCAKES IN PARIS.  Happy reading!!

Our copy of this book was provided by the publisher without remuneration or any consideration for editorial coverage.

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