Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wine Of The Week: Los Vascos Grande Reserve

As the holidays draw near we'll be featuring wines more prominently.  Wines for food, for fun, for celebrating with family and friends are always a great and welcome gift.  And it makes shopping easier, too.  When we provide a gift of wine we always attach a hand-written card explaining just a little bit about the vintage in words the recipient can use to describe the wine when sharing it with others at a later date and time. 

If one is providing a dinner party host or hostess with a bottle of wine one should follow proper etiquette and make it clear that this is a gift for him or her and not expected to be served with the dinner.  Chances are that the evening's wine will have been already selected.

So, what might that note say on the Los Vascos Grande Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013?  Well, maybe it would say BIG!  A Chilean wine, it begins with herbal notes but certainly has a big, black cherry, oaky flavor profile with a finish that almost mimics the finish of an actual black cherry - near bitter.  It's definitely a full bodied wine. 

Such a bold wine will stand up well to pairing with all kinds of meaty dishes from braised shortrib to duck.  Enjoy!

Wine provided by Pasternak Wines without remuneration or editorial consideration.  

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