Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Flour Harvard Square Is Open

The new Flour bakery in Harvard Square is now open and it is beautiful.  All of the famously delicious creations of Joanne Chang are featured at the bright and shiny Mt. Auburn Street outpost.

Although we had just eaten lunch before stopping in to check it out we just had to order something so we tried the pizza of the day which on that day featured chorizo and broccoli.  Delicious.  And quite a substantial slice.  We brought the rest home and warmed it up, cut it into bite-size pieces and served it over chopped romaine for a nice salad.  Still good the next day.

The crowd, one may ask?  Exactly what you'd expect - the usual cast of trustifarians, bohemian intellectuals, the ladies of Brattle Street and students.  Lots of students.  Any of the Flour Bakeries are always worth a visit if you're in the area and now you won't have to go to Central Square.

Flour Bakery
114 Mount Auburn Street 
Cambridge, MA  02138

Telephone:  617.714.3205

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