Saturday, October 29, 2016

An American In Paris

Photo courtesy of An American In Paris

We know.  On a rainy, cold night it's so easy to just head home and curl up by the fire with a good book or a few hours of TV.  Who wants to dress up, fight the traffic, wind your way through a parking garage and head to the theater?  But after you do you are so glad that you did.  There is really nothing quite like a live stage performance and everyone should go more often.

So, we did.  We attended the press/media night performance at An American In Paris this week at the Wang/Citicenter (soon to be the Boch Center) and loved it.  

It was packed.  We didn't see an empty seat and were impressed with the diversity of the crowd.  The set design is stunning.  The choreography is flawless.  And, sure, it's a predictable 1940's romance book but the experience is worth every minute.  I sat through the entire show thinking about how I can't wait to introduce my little nieces and nephews to their first live theater production.  

Most of the email and messages that I get on this blog all ask: where should we go to eat and what should we do when visiting Boston?  This one is an easy top recommendation and it's only here for a short while (through November 6).  Whether you're here on holiday for a week or a lifelong resident, don't miss it.  Who knows how much longer live theater with full orchestra productions such as this will last?  Just go.

An American In Paris
Wang Center
270 Tremont Street
Boston, MA  02116
Box Office Telephone:  617.482.9393

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