Friday, September 16, 2016

Kane's Donuts

This is a gluten-free Pumpkin Spice donut and we liked it.  We liked it very much.

Cool weather and autumnal weekends seem to call for especially indulgent treats and what is better than hand crafted, small batch donuts?  The superb quality of Kane's Donuts are renowned in these parts.  Sprinkled with real bacon, drenched in a sweet glaze or filled with custards, jellies and creams, local ingredients including eggs, flour and honey are used.  And those ever-inventive flavors!  It all makes for a luxurious weekend treat.

Kane's has a new batch of seasonal flavors and we were recently lucky enough to be invited to try a few.  While Caramel Apple and Apple Cider are both good we prefer the standard classics on indulgent Sunday mornings, those few hours devoted to nothing but rest and relaxation, actual newspaper pages falling on the rug on top of slippers, CBS Sunday Morning whispering stories on the TV.

And, when visiting the Boston location on weekends don't forget to stroll through Leventhal Park in Post Office Square, an oft overlooked gem in the heart of the financial district.  Unless you're in Boston every day it's probably been a while.  Slow down, relax and enjoy because donuts are love.

Kane's Donuts
Two International Place
90 Oliver Street
Boston, MA 02110

Telephone: 857-317-2654

In Medias Res
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Disclosure:  See the above phrase "we were recently lucky enough to be invited to try a few". 

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