Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wine Of The Week

In 1497 two noble Venetian families joined in marriage and began producing wine.  The family tradition continues today with this Barone Fini Valdadige Pino Grigio.  Delicate lemon and fuller fruit flavors are noted - melon, apple.  A bright acidity creates a lingering, crisp finish making it the perfect summer wine.  

As the season wanes and we enjoy those last few dinners, or just appetizers before heading out to dinner, with friends on the patio we've been enjoying this wine and it's been very popular so we thought we'd share it with you.  It's great with pasta, seafood and chicken but really it pairs well with everything including dishes with bolder flavors.  We also brought a bottle to a recent Buon Ferragosto dinner.  A hit!  Maybe because it's Italian.

Sip slowly and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

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