Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Foodery

There a lot of meal prep services out there now designed, of course, for busy people like us who don't always have time for grocery shopping (a major excursion here), food preparation and then cooking, especially on weeknights.  Some of them will deliver the full ingredients with a recipe and you do the cooking.  We've tried them and liked them.

The Foodery delivers the meals fully prepared, however.  All you really have to do is heat them up.  What's great is that it's all made from scratch, sourced with fresh, local produce with no GMOs, hormones or antibiotics.  That, we love.  They recently asked us to try the service and give them our thoughts.  So, here goes.

We sampled two dishes.  The first as Grass-fed Beef Cottage Pie With Potato/Cauliflower Mash.  It was certainly easy to heat this in the oven, as directed, and the flavors where actually quite good, especially the sharp white cheddar with it's perfectly chewy texture.

Now, we love a homemade Cottage or Shepherd's Pie (as many know it).  When making it we use the same top quality ingredients and we just think there is nothing quite like our own.  It does take a while to make it they way we like it, though.  This could not have possibly been any easier.  We also quite liked the cauliflower addition and may just well make this a new ingredient for our own recipe.  Still, it was good.

The second dish we sampled was Agave Sweet And Sour Chicken. This meal was actually microwaveable so we did that.  Again, it could not have been any easier and this one was great.  In fact, it was really as if we had made the meal from scratch ourselves. Loved it.

Both dishes held up well for reheating the next day.  So, the verdict: two thumbs up!  The menus are constantly changing based upon what is fresh at local markets and we like that, too.  Gone, though, are the hours we can spend in the produce aisle picking everything over until we find the best quality.  Easy.  Easy.  Easy.

And who doesn't like easy options for healthy meals these days? We'll be checking the menus online (there's something for everyone) and look forward to taking a few nights off kitchen duty and becoming a full-fledged customer.

The Foodery


Update:  The Foodery has agreed to offer our TBF friends and readers an exclusive 20% discount on your first order.  Just use coupon code BostonFoodieEatWell2016 on your order! 

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