Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cuisine and Confessions: Food As Theater

(L-R) Pablo Pamparo (cast member), William, Nella Niva (cast member) and Dean Igoe.
Photo by cast member Melvin Diggs.

It was Press Night last night at the Cutler Majestic for the new show CUISINE AND CONFESSIONS, which opened Tuesday evening.  We had not been inside the Majestic in years and had forgotten just how aptly named it is, so rich and elegant, comfortable but with that traditional air of formality.

There is nothing quite like live theater, especially in a world of Netflix and online gaming (no names mentioned) and we embraced all of the old world charms with open arms.  And there is nothing traditional about this show that defies description but is a delightful night of entertainment and laughter.  Part circus, part drama, breathtaking acrobatics, beautiful choreography, a diverse, international cast and all, believe it or not, with a full working kitchen (sink and stove included) where they actually produce food that will be served to the audience at the end of the performance.  We know this because we helped grate the cheese.  Fantastic!

That's right, they not only juggle the oversize whisks, pots and pans but they also use them to mix the ingredients.  And it's fun, too.  The characters draw you in with the stories of food that define their lives be it a joyous, content or sad tale.  The audience is even encouraged to participate by using their mobile devices (in a theater, no less) to help build to the climax.  I won't give away how.  The performance is eighty-five minutes, not a single one of them dull.

All in all, it's a lively night that's perfect for families or couples or a major coup as a surprise event for a second date.  Win.  Win.  Win.  Just go see it before this colorful troupe leaves town on August 8th.  Until then, we'll be looking forward to dining with the cast at restaurants all over town.

Cuisine And Confessions
Presented by The 7 Fingers Circus
Emerson Cutler Majestic Theater
219 Tremont Street
Boston, MA  02116
Now through August 7


Disclosure:  Although we find it extremely difficult to believe that a single one of our readers does not understand what "Press Night" means, here goes:  It's the night when the Press and Media are invited to attend. For free.  Without paying.

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