Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy First Anniversary Committee

The food was beautiful.  The drinks were beautiful.  And the people were, well, beautiful.  That's how it was last Sunday at Committee Boston, the Greek meze restaurant, one year anniversary party for friends and family.  Committee has became a favorite spot and likely to be the place we recommend to young visitors to Boston who not only want to go out to dinner but also have fun while doing so.  Committee is just that, a place we go because we love the food and the drinks but the atmosphere, the crowd and the people are half the fun.

The afternoon is sunny and bright with a cool ocean breeze.  The place is full of brunchsters as we take our seats on the patio, the music vibrant, the drinks being poured as platters of spanakopita are set out.  Those arriving grow increasingly well-dressed as time goes by.

We settle in on a comfy couch with a glass of Frosé:  rosé, elderflower Liqueur, Rosewater and Citrus.  It's a delicious adult version of a Slurpee.  I am not a fan of floral flavors in my food but this is light and airy and unusual.

The Avocado Hummus and Lamb Skewers are excellent but, then again, they always are.  This afternoon they are abundant, unlike many restaurant celebrations, the platters just keep coming out until everyone is as stuffed as the grape leaves.

We LOVED the retro look of these cups holding our favorite drink, the We Can't Elope:  Soul Cachaca (a sugar cane distillation if you've never had it), Cucumber-Cantaloupe Syrup and Fresh Lime Juice.  Very refreshing and different.  We reach to lift the Styrofoam cup reminiscent of Greek cafes and coffee shops.  Surprise!  It is actually made of a fine ceramic.

The crowd continues to pour in as the place (strangely) takes on a nightclub feel in the bright, early afternoon, music pumping, drinks flowing and young singles outnumbering everyone else.  It could be South Beach. This is apropos, half the fun of Committee is the lively crowd and one of the reasons we point people in this direction.
Congratulations Committee and may there be many more days and nights like this.

50 Northern Avenue
Seaport District
Boston, MA  02210
Telephone:  617.737.5051


Disclosure:  We really don't believe that people are unable to figure out that this was a party for select patrons and friends of the restaurant owners and therefore there was no cost to attendees.  Because it was an anniversary party.  A celebration, for which there is customarily no charge.  The FTC doesn't believe you are intelligent enough to understand that, though.  So, that's why we are making it clear. 

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