Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Great Road Kitchen

As we've said before, there's lots of good dining that is fleeing to the suburbs.  With more reasonable rents, plenty of easy, free parking and a liquor license that won't break the bank, fine dining and casual upscale is no longer just a City game.

So, we took the invite to brunch at Great Road Kitchen out in Littleton.  Owned an operated by the same people at Vine Brook Tavern in Lexington which we visited last year, this space has less of a colonial tavern feel, more open, airy and brighter.  

We like an open kitchen and they have one.  You can virtually see all of the food being prepared and readied for service.

They are also quite proud of their local sourcing and post their partners on a chalk board clearly visible for all to see.  They also have an extensive raw bar menu for ordering if you are into that. The one thing, and pretty much only thing, we never do is raw oysters.  Just can't do it as many times as we've tried.

There will always be a Quiche offered on the brunch menu here.  Today it had a somewhat south of the border flavor with grilled corn, cheese and peppers.  The quiche was beautifully light and fluffy with a good crust, not soggy, and served with a fresh arugula salad.

My Salmon Burger was prepared with crispy shitake mushrooms, a flavorful sticky soy sauce and sweet potato tater tots, which were excellent.  I've long been in search of the Salmon Burger that wan't dry and while this was better than many I've had I am starting the believe that such a thing does not exist.  

The Steak 'n Egg with Frites (not pictured) was okay but nothing spectacular.  

The crowd runs the gamut from families to young couples and friends and the service is good.  Perhaps Great Road Kitchen is still finding it's legs or maybe we were spoiled by the creativity and flavors at Vine Brook Tavern.  Time will tell.

Great Road Kitchen
613 Constitution Avenue
Littleton, MA  01460
Telephone:  978.952.7333

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