Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ehrmann Grand Dessert

It was up, up, up to the very top of the Boston Harbor Hotel in their spectacular Atrium Room party space, both intimate and soaring, for the elegantly splashy introduction of Ehrmann's Grand Dessert.   Ehrmann is well-known in Europe as the largest maker of desserts and my German friends tell me it is one of the most successful companies in their country.

Due to the higher fat content their yogurt has a much creamier, almost pudding-like texture that is rather unknown in the States.  Any traveler to Europe with a discerning palate will notice that the taste of ice cream and any dairy-based dessert is richer.  It's the higher fat content.  And we love it.

Our favorite flavor of the premium dessert (which comes topped with a froth of real whipped cream) was the vanilla.

Although the weather was quite cool, we ventured through the French doors for the spectacular night view of the Boston Harbor.

And, of course, looking down through the glass dome onto the famous view that anyone who commutes along the Greenway is a must.  A grand space for a grand party to introduce America to a Grand Dessert!

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