Saturday, February 13, 2016

Boston Wine Expo 2016

Louis DiBiccari of Tavern Road and crew.

We planned ahead and spent this frigid day indoors.  Indoors at the 25th annual Boston Wine Expo, that is.  It's totally one of our favorite events and this year did not disappoint, with lots of fun finds, great friends and wines to explore from all over the world.  Some of our favorites were the Spanish wines and fortified wines (sherries) but more on that later.

Chef Louis of Tavern Road kicked off the food demonstrations with a great lamb dish as we sat in the front row media section with Chanie of @LifeByZen.  It's always great to be nearby an accomplished cook to share notes and the lamb was like butter.

Check out the labels on the wines from our new friends at Brooklyn Oenology.  Each features an original work of art created by local artists.  In Brooklyn, needless to say.

What was very cool is that the mini masterpieces actually peel off the bottle for collectible stickers for grown-ups. Very cool marketing concept and something we had never seen before although we have often said that many wine bottle labels are nice enough to frame.  And the wine wasn't bad, either.

Chef Ming Tsai of Blue Dragon was there giving away free Valentine's Day dinners for two.  His demos are always entertaining and and he really cuts loose from what one sees on his TV shows, playing to the 21 plus adult audience.  Ming served up a gorgeous plate of Singapore Curry Tofu Noodles which he was quick to point out would never be done in Singapore.  Delicious nonetheless.

Chef Chris Coombs of Boston Chops hit a high note on a cold day with a comforting Macaroni And Cheese With Pork Belly.  Plaudits to ALL of the Chefs who tore themselves away from what is one of the busiest dining weekends of the year:  Valentine's Day.  True champs that make us feel lucky that we live in Boston.

Also spotted in the foodie crowd were event lighting impresario Joey Nicotera of Retonica, Richard Auffrey of The Passionate Foodie, Ellie O'Keefe of Nestle Waters and just about everyone else who loves great tastes and fine wine. Oh, and the fave foodie find was the Single Malt Scotch caramels from McCrea's Candies.

The Boston Wine Expo 2016 continues tomorrow, Sunday, February 14.  Brave the cold.  Feel the warmth. Happy Valentine's Day!

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