Monday, December 7, 2015

La Motta's

When asked to preview La Motta's  (a name easy to remember for that movie) we were curious.  It's the South End spot where Union Bar and Grille used to be.  Let's go.

The space has been pretty much revamped and centers on a large, lively bar but still manages to have that rustic Italian tavern-like feel.  We scored a seat behind the bar, a great perch to people-watch and overlooking what could actually be a courtyard in Italy.

The food is classic Italian-American fare and not skimpy on the portions.  The Chicken Parmigiana pictured above was exactly and as comforting as one would expect.  The mound of Burrata was, too. And the Garlic Bread.

As we visited before opening to the general public it's hard to gauge the entire experience before a revisit.  The crowd was well-suited South End gentlemen, eclectic couples, happy drinkers and a few fine-skinned boy model lookalikes who know where to buy shoes.  But it was a welcoming, congenial space and the fare was casual and right out of Momma's American kitchen.

We want to go back on a snowy night and look out the windows onto the street as we sip wine and enjoy the warmth inside, a welcome plate of familial goodness in front of us.

La Motta's
1357 Washington Street
Boston, MA  02118
Telephone:  617.338.5300
Twitter:  @LaMottaBoston
Instagram:  @LaMottaBoston

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