Saturday, October 10, 2015

Taste Of Perkins 2015

It was such an honor to be invited to the annual Taste Of Perkins as part of the Taste Challenge celebrity panel. "The Taste" is a big fundraising event for the school where donors are invited to sip a few wines and sample a few plates while blindfolded.  And it is quite the revelation to discover just how closely one's sight is integral to food. In fact, most people (including chefs) are unable to discern the flavors and ingredients. The wines, actually, are much easier.  I think that is because we really can't identify a wine varietal by sight anyway.  The food, however, is surprisingly difficult. You try deciphering blackberry and ginger!

I got a few of the flavors, as did the other participants, but no one has ever achieved a perfect score. More importantly, it's a very fun night with very fun people and a chance to meet a few of the talented students who provided some music and displayed their artwork for the crowd.  Just beautiful! The best part is that we sold out the event and exceeded all expectations for fundraising goals.

Thank you, Perkins, for the honor, the opportunity and the wonderful lesson in all of the things we take for granted but should be more grateful for every day.  I may have arrived as a celebrity but I left humble, realizing the great challenges that some people face every day and witnessing how they do so with such joy.

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