Sunday, August 30, 2015

Davio's Lynnfield

Fine dining is moving to the suburbs and people are supporting the move.  Maybe it's the hassle of driving and parking in the city or the higher prices due to higher rents.  So, when we were invited to dine at Davio's in Lynnfield we thought we should check it out.  The Market Street development represents a newer trend in open air retail shopping where plenty of parking and room for outdoor events seems to be a welcome alternative.  And it's beautiful.

We began with a signature drink, the Blueberry Cooler, which not only was refreshing but also looked elegant on the table.

Next up was the Fusilli Shrimp With Hot Cherry Peppers, White Wine, Lemon And Olive Oil.  The shrimp was very fresh, the pasta house made, just a classic dish well-made.

The Antipasti course:  Parma Prosciutto, Burrata, Truffle Honey, Fresh Fruit and Chopped Pistachios. Again, a classic.  All of the ingredients were top notch.

Of course, Davio's is famous for their Spring Rolls.  We went with the sampler for a taste of each of the five featured on the menu.  Our favorite, believe it or not, was the Reuben Spring Roll.

To cleanse the palate between courses we were served this, with fresh strawberries to wash away the salty, savory flavors lingering on the tongue.  We liked this alternative to the more typical lemon version.

The Prime Natural Aged Ribeye was about as good as it gets, perfectly rich and cooked to order.

Sauteed Veal Tenderloin, Proscciutto, Shallot Polenta, Sauteed Spinach and Marsala came from the Caserecci menu, where the Chef pairs the sides for you.  Great choices and great flavor.

The Smores Cookie dessert was satisfying and not overly sweet and made with a drier cookie.  Some who may like a chewier cookie may not like this one.  We loved it.

And finally was the creme brulee.  We've tasted a lot of these at many different restaurants and can clearly say that this is right up there with the best of them.

This was an outstanding feast with a great cocktail, beer and wine program to accompany the food. The price points ($40 average for mains, $14 average for sides and firsts), the upscale environs and excellent, attentive service may make this a special occasion experience but it was a full house on the early Saturday evening when we dined there.  There is also a lively bar scene and bar menu with plates more in the $11 to $12 range.  With plenty of free parking and outdoor seating available it's great choice.  Sunday brunch is also served and we can't wait to get back to try that.

Davio's is celebrating 30 years of serving the community at a special celebration at the Arlington Street location on Wednesday, September 23rd, with an open bar, food and entertainment.  Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Davio's Northern Italian Steak House
427 Walnut Street
Lynnfield, MA  01940
Telephone:  781.944.4810
Twitter: @DaviosLynnfield

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