Monday, July 27, 2015

Touring Newport, RI

Let's begin our Summer Of Fun Touring New England with a stroll through gorgeous Newport, Rhode Island, summer home to all of those turn of the century industrialist millionaires and their incredible mansions.

The first stop is one that's newer on the landscape, the Audrain Auto Museum.  On your visit it will feature about twenty or so classic vehicles housed in the restored,  historic Bellevue Avenue Audrain building.  This 1927 Mercedes-Benz 630K Drophead Coupe Sport Touring model is exactly the type of luxuriously detailed vehicle we'd order up for our ultimate tailgate fantasy picnic.  Champagne and caviar, anyone?  The cars are switched out every season so that you can return to see newer models.

Just a few steps away is the International Tennis Hall Of Fame.  They still play on the grass courts here and you can stroll in at no charge and sit under the classic gamble roofs and observe the follows. We sat in the boxes so valuable that the families who own them actually will them down to future generations as part of their estates. It's a great spot to sit and relax, enjoying a beverage after walking along our next spot.

The Cliff Walk not only hugs the ocean but also steers one along a procession of glorious mansions both new and old.  It's all stunning homes on one side and breathtaking ocean views on the other.

Along the route you'll probably get some great nature shots so don't forget to bring the camera.

The Cliff Walk has been closed for repairs for the past few years but is now fully open.  Enjoy the views of the Tea House Pagoda on the grounds of the impressive Marble House mansion.  (You may remember we visited here last Fall for the Newport Mansions Food and Wine Festival).

Once the Cliff Walk is complete you can stroll back to town along Bellevue Avenue and enjoy the front views of all of those incredible mansions literally built for ostentatious summer socializing and entertaining.  The Gatsby-like parties were legendary and the wealth was meant to be displayed.  It's the closest thing we have in America to castles built for lavish feasting and dancing in huge ballrooms on spacious grounds.

After a day of walking you'll, of course, be hungry.  In our next few posts we'll check out some dining options in Newport.

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