Friday, July 3, 2015

Aloft In The Flying Cucumber

When Hendrick's Gin calls and invites you to take a flight on their traveling airship called The Flying Cucumber to kick off the July 4th weekend there was no way, despite any trepidation, that we were about to pass on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  It was everything I love:  the 1930s style retro feel of travel from a bygone era, the adventure, the fun and sailing over the landscape as if we were actually gliding on our own wings.

We arrived in style, escorted to the airstrip by the Hendrick's team as if we were about to play aviators in a film.

Charlie, the Hendrick's Team land coordinator greeted us at Beverly Municipal Airport and brought us out onto the airstrip.  We had been selected to take the inaugural flight in Boston at 8:00 am this morning.

Mark Stoddard, Hendrick's Ambassador, greeted us with, believe it or not, ice-cold early morning libations of Hendrick's and cucumber water.  SO refreshing!  That (and a dramamine) took the edge of my fear of heights.

We relaxed in style on sofas set up right on the runway as we waited for the airship to be readied.

Soon, the crew had everything set up for us in the retro-posh airship.  We were handed engraved silver flasks as gifts, pre-filled, of course, with Hendrick's Cucumber Lemonade.  I removed my hat and took a hearty swig.

We settled in, fastened our belts, prepared our cameras and put on our headphones so we could hear the pilot, air tower and ground crew.

And, then, in an instant, we were aloft!

The views were absolutely spectacular.  We could not possibly have asked for better weather - crystal clear visibility from every angle as we soared at about 1,000 feet over the North Shore and coastline.

I managed to snap this photo of the Boston skyline in the far distance.  The airship will be flying all over Boston on July 4th and you, too, can win a ride on The Flying Cucumber by snapping a pic and using the hashtag #CucumberChallenge.

After landing, we were elated.  We relaxed and sipped yet more as we greeted the passengers next up. THANK YOU Hendrick's Gin for an absolutely unforgettable day!

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