Sunday, April 12, 2015

Earth Hour Dinner at Miel Brasserie

We were recently invited to attend the fourth celebration of Earth Hour at the InterContinental Boston's elegant brasserie, Miel.  The dining room was set to go dark at precisely 8:30 pm for one hour and all diners would enjoy their four course meal dining only by candlelight.  We arrived early as the dining room here is so beautiful we didn't want to spend the whole night not seeing everything.

We began with the signature Earth Hour Cocktail, the Blue Tahoe:  Tequila, Blue Curacao and Champagne, as good as it was colorful.

We eyed our wristwatches waiting for the appointed hour and at precisely 8:30 pm the lights went out.  We watched as diners around us not in the know glanced about.  Welcome to Earth Hour.

Actually, the lighting made for some stunning pics, the food seeming to absolutely glow in the low lighting. This Butternut Squash Soup with Roasted Hazelnuts and Pecorino was a hearty bowl but not overly dense, as some can be, flavorful and well-seasoned.  This was not just a taste but a full tureen of welcome warmth on a raw spring night by the Seaport.  We glanced out the windows, across the water at the Boston Tea Party ship bobbing in the waves.

Crisp Apple, Pear and Fennel Salad With Baby Kale.  As fresh as it looks with a vinaigrette that lent a perfect balance, just beautiful.

Georges Bank Cod, Roasted Cauliflower, Sweet Pea Puree and Creamy Honey Emulsion.  Excellent layers of flavor and, again, just gorgeous on the plate.  The cod was dense and mild, prepared expertly.  The honey used at Miel (the French word for honey) is harvested on the roof of the hotel.  We were assured that the bees would be returning soon.

Wild Mushroom And Faro Risotto with Asparagus Sweet Potato and Parmesan Cream was the vegetarian option. An excellent risotto.  The Parmesan Crisp was just an extra added attraction.

The White Chocolate and Pecan Tart was, of course, very fresh and of the quality that Miel is known for. Dining here is really very close to a European dining experience, certainly on par with any dinner we've enjoyed in Paris where the whole approach to food is different in the States, less quantity and a total focus on quality when it comes to ingredients and preparation.  Nothing will come out of the kitchen less than perfect.

That perfection carried over to the Creme Brulee.  Not always an easy dish to master as we have seen in other restaurants, this was a classic, just the way it should be.

A great night.  A great meal and very fun, indeed, while bringing attention to a commitment to the planet and our resources.  We've visited Miel several times as both guests and paying customers and have never been disappointed in the quality of food and service.

Miel Brasserie Provencale
InterContinental Boston
510 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA  02210
Telephone:  617.217.5030

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