Friday, March 6, 2015

Post Road Soap Co.

We met up with Vanessa Mascaro of Rhode Island based Post Road Soap Co. recently at the Boston Wine Expo 2015 and chatted for a few moments about her products.  Much to our surprise we received an email shortly afterwards, followed by a sample box of some of the products.

As readers know, multiple packages arrive here on a weekly basis with goods for us to try.  Rarely do we feel they are worthy of a mention.  These samples, however, were so unique and appealing that we instantly knew we wanted to be regular customers.  All of the products are short on chemicals and long on natural ingredients. The fragrances are both clever and unique and since opening the box bath time has become something to truly look forward to.

Take that Guinness and Patchouli Soap, shown on the left.  Did you know that the ingredient hops, found, of course, in beer is known to soothe irritated skin and contains polyphenols which act as an antibacterial agent? That was new information on me.  Don't, however, think that you will smell like stale beer afterwards.  The scent is far more pleasant than the cheap commercial soaps in slick packaging that overpower one and announce to everyone that you are using, well, a cheap deodorant soap.

Then there is the Chocolate and Lavender Soap, pictured in back.  Sounds strange, right?  Not at all. The hints of rich chocolate and floral notes are subtle and I absolutely love the food-based nature of the products.  It's not just the olfactory nerves that are pleased, however.  My exterior shell of rough skin felt more comfortable.  And people noticed.

I remember once receiving a test pack for a bath salt scrub from some faraway land promising healing properties. While it certainly had a great exfoliation factor, the commercially produced (as opposed to these hand-made products) left my skin so red and itchy that I had to shower again and rub down with aloe.  The huge salt crystals never seemed to dissolve and felt like coarse sand under my wet feet.  I was skeptical about trying another product even remotely similar. The hand-whipped sugar scrub from Post Road Co., however, scrubbed well but then instantly dissolved, melting into a rich coconut oil base.  The whole bathroom (and I have a rather large bathroom) was filled with a clean, natural track.  I loved this product.

The Body Butter For Men was like a jar of stiffly whipped cream.  It looked too solid, like a candle. Couple this with the fact that in the winter season my skin is extremely, flakingly dry, like, back-scratching, mummified dry. After a recent sports massage the masseuse even noted that my skin was so thirsty that he used twice the oil he would on any other client.  My skin was "drinking in" the oil. After maybe twenty seconds in my hands, this shea butter, coconut oil and butter, avocado and olive oil recipe was turning into a liquid that this epidermis was craving.  I know, all of this may sound "girly" but you could easily use this after a workout at the gym and level it up to your buds who reek of Axe. Graduate, my friend.

The other products that I have tried are just as satisfying.  I cannot rave enough about this stuff. Five stars all the way.  In fact, of all of the same, old, useless junk sent to me over the years and sold as new, exciting or improved, this is THE best line of products I've ever tested and can heartily approve and endorse and I don't think that it's because it's not actual food or kitchen equipment.  I know I sound effusive but there really is something to be said for hand-made goods put together in small batches with loving care.  Congratulations Vanessa!  I hope that everyone who reads us will try these extraordinary products.  I promise you will be instant fans.

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