Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mohegan Sun Winefest 2015

It was snowy and cold but we had a great view from our room at Mohegan Sun for the Sun Winefest 2015.

Who doesn't love it when the daily paper is delivered to your door?  It's so relaxing to just fall into that comfy bed with room service coffee and read a real paper, quiet and slow.

When we weren't taking pictures we just wandered around having our pictures taken.  The extravagant Dine-Around event was probably the best way to have dinner with Jasper White, Andy Husbands, Will Gilson, Jason Santos and a symphony of other great Boston Chefs all in one room.

Look serious.  Don't look serious.  And that was a theme with the wines, too.  The trends continue to be sweeter wines: Rieslings and Moscato blends to which the millenial enthusiasts flock and the vinters are okay with that. Surprisingly, the wines of summer 2015 seem to be less fizzy and darker, more full-bodied.

Michele Ragussis gave up the most fun on the demo stage, preparing a great scallop, corn and prosciutto dish that was beautifully simple, classic and delicious.

We also spent some quality time bonding with Michele and were lucky enough to hear Jasper White comment on how great her chowder dish was.

Chef Chris Coombs of dBar, Deauxave and Boston Chops let us in on the exacting preparations for a 23 ounce ribeye.  Heat that pan until it is smoking!

And, of course, Dean got a very closeup interview with Chef Georges Mokbel.  From Lebanon, his refreshing book EVERYDAY TO GOURMET is a new perspective on how to approach the joy of food in your life.

As always, the Sun Winefest is a great winter getaway and one of our favorite events of the year!

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