Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Paul Bakery

Several years back, on my first trip to London, I found myself out very early in the morning, still getting used to the time difference but also because I love roaming the streets of a new city as it comes to life at sunrise. The rows of white townhouses, stately and large, that lined the streets of this South Kensington neighborhood were just like those I'd seen in the movies.

Eventually I wandered into a small cafe, the scent of fresh pastry baking and coffee brewing drawing me inside. It was the first time I discovered a Paul Bakery and we went back every morning for delicious morning treats. The place was beautifully laid out with a level of quality rarely seen in the USA and everything we tasted was a match to that sophistication.  It was all was as fresh as it could be, served beautifully, elegantly.  I was in love with this place.  When I returned home and began singing the praises of my find other friends who'd traveled abroad joined in.  I learned, unbelievably, that it was a chain of shops that began in France.

So, you cannot imagine how thrilled I was when I learned they were coming here.  And almost in my backyard! With Natick and Assembly Row locations now open and Downtown Boston opening soon, you will have a choice and whichever one you visit will be, I'm sure, the same quality.

The macarons are my favorite and, without question, on par or better than any other in Boston.  For that alone it's worth the trip.

Paul Bakery
Assembly Row
631 Assembly Row
Somerville, MA  02145
Telephone:  617.440.1049

Photo Credits:  Lisa Richov

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