Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nathan Myhrvold: Modernist Cuisine

Nathan Myhrvold was in town recently to present his lecture at the Harvard series on Science and Cooking, a fascinating program that we have attended and written extensively about in the past. In fact, we were one of the first to write about it on the very night Harvard welcomed Chef Ferran Adria years ago to initiate a discussion of the course to be offered School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  It has been such a success that now schools all over the country are attempting to emulate it.  Because we couldn't make it to the lecture we did stop by the Museum of Science for a short talk and meet and greet he gave to introduce his temporary exhibit "The Photography Of Modernist Cuisine".

His name may be familiar as the mega millionaire former Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft. Since leaving that post he has taken up an avid interest in food and especially the inventive photography of it.

The hallmark of the photography are the stop action and cutaway shots of food in the process of cooking.  It's actually quite fun to see the playful times one can have with all that money, expensive photographic equipment, time and a penchant for cutting things in half so we can see what food looks like as it is cooking.

We hadn't been to the MOS in years and I have to admit we had just as much fun as the kids roaming the place with their parents or the surprising number of couples enjoying a fun date experience. If you haven't been in a while, we suggest a visit.  We especially enjoyed the Polar Express 4D Movie where it actually snows (real flakes of ice crystals not that plastic stuff) in the theater.  Very fun, indeed.

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