Thursday, November 13, 2014

On Apples With Amy Traverso

Take a quick guess as to what that is.  Chances are, you did probably not guess an apple!  Yet, that is a sliced Mountain Rose Apple, just one of the thousands of varieties you can enjoy.  We had no idea that these even existed.  That brilliant color and the strong berry flavor profile was just one of the many things that we tasted and learned on an afternoon spent with Amy Traverso of Yankee Magazine, undoubtedly New England's apple expert.

The history of apples is fascinating.  Did you know that they are not native to America?  Their DNA structure is more complex than humans?  You can't just plant an apple seed and expect it to grow? Johnny Appleseed was a real person, not a legend?

The author of THE APPLE LOVER'S COOKBOOK, Amy spent an very informative afternoon with us at Bestsellers Cafe and we even tasted some of her favorite food treats.  This would be a great gift book for the holidays.  We can't wait to bake an apple pie with these!

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