Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The 50th Head Of The Charles Regatta

It's an event that's a Fall tradition with us, when hundreds of thousands of participants, spectators and visitors descend upon Cambridge, Boston and the surrounding communities for not only THE largest rowing event in the world but also a spectacular New England weekend during what many consider to be the very finest time of the year: The Head Of The Charles Regatta.  This year, the event turns 50 years old and the largest ever crowd is expected to attend.  There is an impressive international contingency each year which particpates as well as the many thousands who visit to cheer on their alma mater or country of origin. 

We love roaming about Harvard Square and Cambridge and chatting with visitors, taking in the competition and enjoying the atmosphere.  As most people, we will visit the Regatta for a few hours but usually not the entire day.  Afterwards, we go in search of food and/or a place to meet up with friends for drinks and a bite. 

Typically, we are inundated with emails from readers who would like to know where to go for a great meal, a few, perhaps, celebratory drinks, a nice cup of coffee and fresh pastry, or just a great burger or pizza.  So, this year we're posting all of that information here for some of our favorite spots in and around Harvard Square, Kendall Square and Boston.  Keep in mind that the closer you are to the river, the more crowded all of these places will be and they will be exceptionally busy during peak times.

Restaurants:  Alden and Harlow, The Sinclair (also has live music events), West Bridge (a fave) and Eastern Standard.

Drinks:  Charlie's Kitchen, Meadhall, Beat Hotel (also features live music), Grendel's Den (a bohemian legend) and Park.

Cafes:  Tatte Bakery (European style), Flour Bakery, Crema Cafe (a fave) and Starbucks (Massachusetts Avenue location has a great second floor view of the Square). 

Burgers:  Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage (a legend), Shake Shack, Flat Patties and Tasty Burger.

Pizza:  Pinocchio's (a Harvard student fave), Oggi, Otto (our fave), Cambridge 1 and Emma's (a legend).  Special note:  Emma's has informed us that they will be delivering all weekend by courier to any street corner in Cambridge!

Please feel free to leave comments if I have overlooked or forgotten your favorite local spot.

Enjoy!  The weather is predicted to be spectacular and hopefully we will see you around town!

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  1. What a great guide Will, thank you!! I may end up using this to give to guests this weekend. ;-)