Saturday, October 25, 2014

All Hallow's Eve 2014

We all love it;  the night as dark as black, a streetlamp shrouded in fog, the rustling of leaves, a distant scream in the night.  We'll stay home, shut off the lights in favor of just candles to give out candy then head out to scare up some fun of our own.  If you are still looking for some frightening ideas, here's a few suggestions.

Start out the night with sips of Black Ink wine.  As dark as blood, poured into Gothic wine glasses, it's an ideal start.

After that head over to Pier 6 in the Navy Yard (spooky enough after dark as it is) for a special authentic Transylvanian Cuisine Dinner being served October 31st only.  You'll dine on Goulash and Apple Tart while you sip a drink called "Dracula's Kiss." 

Proceed ominously to the the brand new statue of Edgar Allan Poe near The Boston Common for an appropriate Instagram pic. Dressing in black is advised.

After that it's just a short jaunt up the street for the Gatsby Reloaded Masquerade and Fashion Show at Liquid Art House.  It's their very first Halloween party so it's guaranteed to be fabulous. Get your decadent on and still be home before sunrise.

All one needs to do now is provide the soundtrack.  Happy Halloween everybody!!!

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