Sunday, September 21, 2014

Earl's Kitchen At Assembly Row

We were lucky enough to attend the Grand Opening of Earl's Kitchen at Assembly Row in Somerville recently and it was quite the event.  With a sprawling 8,800 square foot layout, large glass windows that open onto outdoor seating and water views and plenty of intimate nooks for dining, it was more than impressive.

There is a lively bar area where you can relax and enjoy a cocktail, grab a bite and enjoy the game with plenty of comfortable seating in the upscale, casual environs.  Other areas provide benches and tables for larger group dining and smaller, more intimate spots meant for couples.  Along one entire wall runs the open kitchen.

All of the food and drinks we enjoyed were excellent, including the seafood, desserts and popular burgers.

There are some impressive cocktail creations including this:  The Mad Hatter.  Poured from a cartoonishly steaming teapot the drink includes Smirnoff Vodka, Pear, Black Tea, Lime Leaf and Coconut Water.  The teapot serves 4 and is $26.00.  Very fun.

Of course, Cameron Bogue, who we met earlier in the summer for a cocktail program preview is helming the beverage program.  Yes, the Bee's Knees and Cabin Fever cocktails are on the menu!

Ideal for a group of friends looking for a place to meet up at a new, popular spot after a long day, there is plenty of free parking in the area.  It has the feel of being in the city that those north of the city have been waiting for.  The whole Assembly Row area is really shaping up nicely.

Earl's Kitchen At Assembly Row
698 Assembly Row
Somerville, MA

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