Saturday, August 9, 2014

Drinks At Hard Rock

We stopped in at Hard Rock Cafe Boston recently for some snacks and refreshing cocktails in the heart of the city.  The summer crowds near Faneuil Hall are huge this year with people from all over the world.  While it's certainly touristy it's still a fun warm-weather place to visit if just for the people-watching and street entertainment.

Pictured above is the Jumbo Combo, a great selection of appetizers to keep you going.  The wings and artichoke dip were especially good.

But we were there to check out the Pressed Fruit Drinks, a new twist on seasonal refreshment and to meet Joe Spano, Beverage Manager.  Mostly vodka-based, the juices and fresh fruit are put in a French coffee press to extract the optimal amount of fresh fruit flavor.  They were all delicious and well worth a stop by.

22-24 Clinton Street
Boston, MA 02109
Telephone: 617.424.7625

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