Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Patio Dining At The Sinclair

It's summer.  Finally.  That means it's time for alfresco dining all over the City and we recently visited the kitchen at The Sinclair to sit on the patio atop Harvard Square and sample their very newest menu items and cocktails. We began with The Skylark:  Damrak Gin, Agave Nectar, Becherovka, Dimmi and Lemon, our favorite sip, refreshing and riding the wave of the gin/agave popularity.

We sampled several snacks including Pickled Pepperoni, outstanding Chicken Wings and this Half Cooked Egg With One Year Vinegar And Toasted Oats.  The egg was perfectly runny with a really nice crunch to the toasted oats.  Very nice.

Charred Romaine With Pickled Grapes, Toasted Hazelnut Milk And Radish.  Simple and elegant, the delicious details in the pickled grapes and sauce are the creative choices of Chef Matt Cunningham whose ingredient combinations are both new and lovingly prepared.

Head-On-Shrimp With Salted Egg Yolk, Bottarga And Thai Basil.  The flavors were rich, especially that salted egg yolk, and the balance of the Thai basil and shrimp was something I'd never experienced before.  Excellent in every way.

Next up (not pictured) was Sirloin With Aged Corn Relish, Charred Kombu Butter and Greens. Salting, pickling, aging and other long-process preparations seem to be a hallmark of Chef Cunningham and the results are worthy of the extra effort.

Dessert was this stunning Buttermilk Pudding With Dried Strawberry, Smoked Honey And Pretzel. I've never had anything quite like this and could have easily enjoyed another.  The creaminess along with the crunch and the subtle, smoky flavors was an exceptional treat.  While this has not yet been added to the menu it is worthy of a visit just for this dish alone.  I promise.

The breezy, casual ambiance of the patio was filled with a younger crowd ranging from grad students to artsy intellectuals and designer-clad club kids who looked like fashion models.  The service was excellent.  Take a break on one of these cooler early Summer nights and do stop by. It's almost certain that you'll discover something new.

The Sinclair
52 Church Street
Cambridge, MA  02138
Telephone:  617.547.5200

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