Saturday, June 14, 2014

Besito Mexican Preview

Location.  Location.  Location.  It's a mantra in the restaurant business but as avid food-lovers know sometimes the most extraordinary food can be found in the most unexpected places, like Burlington Mall. This week we had a sneak preview of Besito Mexican and, believe us, the food is spot on, maybe the best Mexican we've had since we were in, well, Mexico.  We started off the night with the Sangria de Besito, a blend of white wine, Cointreau, peach liquor, fresh fruit and juices.  Fruity, cold and refreshing without being overly sweet, it was the best light Sangria we've ever had.

It wasn't long before a basket of chips arrived (still warm) with the house salsa, again a nice traditional blend and very much just like all the corn chips and salsas we tasted south of the border.

The Guacamole en Molcajete is made in fresh batches tableside and not to be missed.  Not a pureed, old green mess as some places serve.  This was as fresh as possible, chunky and flavorful with the tomato chunks included and a brilliant green guacamole.  Just the Sangria and this could be a light meal alone and totally satisfying.

Tosquitos de Camarones:  Crispy chrimp, shredded organic romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, chipotle cream salsa, cilantro and queso fresco.  The crunchy shrimp with the fresh greens and creamy sauce were enough to get our gastric juices flowing.

Ceviche del Dia:  Fresh ceviche with plantains.  Beautiful to look at and flavorful.

Sopa de  Tortilla:  Tortilla soup, avocado, pulled chicken, chopped cilantro, toasted pastilla chile, crema and onion.  I was so anxious for this that I forgot to snap a pic until I was half way through. A thick, rich flavorful broth, meaty chicken bites and the unmistakable lace of cilantro.  Absolutely delicious, one of the highlights of our dinner.

Ensalada de Salmon:  Pistachio crusted pan seared fillet of salmon, organic mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, roasted corn, avocado, queso fresco and chipotle cream dressing.  I love my salmon served over a bed of healthy greens and this did not disappoint in any way.

Costillas de Piquin:  Boneless beef short ribs, rajas, crema and tomatillo-chile piquin salsa.  As dark and rich as it looks, truly melting in the mouth into a buttery, rich meat flavor.

Owner John Tunney stopped by our table and insisted we try the Tamale de Elote, a fresh corn tamale with chipotle chile cream, onion, cilantro and queso fresco.  A big hit!  The little ring of onion sitting like a halo atop this plate was fitting.  The dense stuffing of sweet, creamy corn, sauce, spices, everything just perfect.

As stuffed as we were we could not resist a taste of the Devil's Food Cake dessert served with a fresh whipped cream filling and cream sauce with raspberries.  Exceptionally light yet as flavorful as any chocolate cake can be.

The restaurant opens to the public on June 17th and if you like well-made, traditional Mexican cuisine you will not be disappointed.  It is the fourth restaurant in a small chain but the decor and ambiance does not betray the very authentic experience.  Congratulations!  This was one of the finest restaurant openings we've been a part of in a long time.

Besito Mexican  (A Small Kiss of Mexico)
75 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803

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