Friday, May 30, 2014

Art And Commerce

The age-old pull between art and commerce gets a new twist in Boston:  Liquid Art House.

It's a Friday night and we rest our weary feet beneath the over sized print by the famed photographic duo Formento and Formento, an homage to the late doyenne of Boston nightlife Marilyn Riseman.  It features a half dozen models sporting her signature jet black bob, near kabuki style makeup and the very clothing of the woman herself.  How haunting it is that she died just the day before the shoot took place for Boston Magazine, our host for the evening.

We're at Liquid Art House, perhaps the most lavish of Boston's newest restaurants, on the edge of the South End and helmed by our good acquaintance Chef Rachel Klein.  The soaring airiness of the center features a full, round bar where well-dressed patrons stand tonight for sips of a Tequila Old Fashioned or wine.  The wings feature comfy, spacious seating with a clean, modern design, an open kitchen and all that interesting artwork.

The food holds up, too, as we sample pork belly that, for one, is more juicy pork than fat, sliders and cheesecake nibbles.  All good.

We are lucky in that we can wander about, free to peruse the works scattered about and can do so up close, without intruding on the privacy of other diners.  The crowd is a mix of the well-heeled and hipsters.  It seems void, however, of bright-eyed, young artists.  Who will dine here?  It's a new concept that poses the question, something untried, like dining in an art gallery where one can actually purchase the work.  Or, will it become just an upscale spot where people go to see and be seen?  The food is worthy.  The space is beautiful.  How it plays out over time will be interesting to see.

Liquid Art House
100 Arlington Street
Boston, MA  02116
Telephone:  617.457.8130

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