Monday, February 17, 2014

The Art Of Food

Looking for something fun to do during school vacation week, or maybe with your significant other, even a first date?  Surprise them with a trip to the most famous restaurant in the world:  elBulli.  Of course, the famed Spanish gastronomic destination has been closed for a few years now but a new exhibit at the Museum of Science is the next best thing.  I have said before that I consider Ferran Adria to be the Pablo Picasso of food. You may call it molecular gastronomy, modernist cuisine, avant garde cooking or the techno emotional school but it all comes down to the same thing:  an entirely new approach to the way we dine.  Through techniques never before attempted, Adria forged the way for new textures and flavors to be experienced in playful, impressive and thoroughly unique ways.  Foods that you know and love are transformed into gel capsules, foams, powders, snows and liquids.  It's magic.  It's not just for adults, either. Loads of kids during our visit had fun with spherification!  Innovation In The Art Of Food is now open.

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