Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wine Riot 2013

We stopped in at the Park Plaza Castle last night for Wine Riot 2013.  This annual celebration of wine brought to you by Second Glass is geared to a younger crowd who just want to taste some great wines and learn a little bit about them without any of the pretense.

There are lots of booths, organized by region, to stop by for a sip and some information about the vintages and process of wine-making.

Mini seminars were fund informative and included several tastes.  Did you know that just one region of France can have many thousands of wine chateaus.  Most people guessed they would have maybe 150 or so.  The fact is there can be up to 8,000!

There is also a very fun, popular photo booth, music and food.

And don't forget to download the app that will help you list and keep track of all of the wines that you tasted and loved!

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