Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hydration Beverages And Product Packaging

It's a holiday weekend and we'll all probably be outside or getting some exercise at some point.  If you're in Boston you may be moving.  It seems like the whole city is!  Enter hydration beverages.  We were sent some samples of 989 On Demand to try out recently and, well you know the routine, if we like the stuff we feature it here.  We liked it!  Brand new, sugar-free (stevia) and all-natural, we especially liked the innovative packaging.  Inventive packaging design will always get our attention.

Here's our short video about why we like it:  the proprietary "On Demand" cap technology ensures that the 9 essential vitamins, 84 minerals and 5 electrolytes are kept fresh and at full potency until the moment before you drink them.  The vacuum-sealed cap acts as a stability enhancement container that stores the active ingredients and shelters them from water, air and light - all the elements that could cause degradation.  It made sense to us.  After all, you store your vitamins in a "dark, cool place", right?

What you get is a sports drink or "hydration beverage" with all of the good stuff freshly-mixed.  It's a new concept and we are impressed when someone does something that no one else is doing.  Enjoy.


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