Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dinner At Mooo

We recently visited Mooo on Beacon Hill for dinner.  It was our first time at this legendary steak house popular with Beacon Hill stalwarts and within a stone's throw of the State House.

The atmosphere is elegant, with very low lighting provided by these oversized chandeliers shrouded in scrims so as not to throw a harsh light.  Needless to say, it makes everyone look fantastic!  We also expected a crowd of Beacon Hill politicians, power brokers and lobbyists but we found the exact opposite.  The dining room was filled with a very diverse and surprisingly young group. 

We began with this piping hot tin of fresh rolls.  As good as the are, go easy.  The portions at Mooo are beyond generous.

 I decided to go old school all the way beginning with this Classic Caesar Salad.  The lettuce was as if it were harvested that afternoon. The croutons seemed house made and the grated cheese was obviously the best quality.  I couldn't detect an anchovy but, still, the salad was excellent.

Dean, my dinner guest, went with the Endive, Watercress, Spiced Walnuts and Roquefort.  The small taste he shared with me was, again, excellent and very fresh.

For my main I just had to go with the Beef Wellington:  Tenderloin Of Beef Wellingon, Foie Gras and Spinach Duxelle.  I mean, who even does Beef Wellingon any more?  My medium rare tenderloin was perfectly done and the pastry shell was not the least bit soggy.  You will need a major appetite to finish it.  I had to take half of mine packed to go.

Dean went with the Caramelized Sea Scallops, Celery Root Puree, Black Trumpet Mushrooms and Peas.  I tried one scallop.  Incredibly fresh (you can always tell by the sweetness and texture) and perfectly seared.

We tried two sides.  The first was this Mushroom Risotto.  It was creamy, rich and loaded with mushrooms.  It is heavy but worth a taste and could easily be split for two.

Next was the B & B Mushrooms.  Button mushrooms in a butter sauce, again, very good and very filling.  We were already stuffed but could not resist dessert.

The signature dessert is Bananas Foster.  Again, old school but irresistible.  The rich glaze was generously poured on by our server, smothering the vanilla ice cream and toffee-crunchy bananas.  Heaven!

As if the meal I had just devoured was not heavy enough, I opted for the White Chocolate Cheesecake.  It was surprisingly light and the white chocolate flavor came in the form of shavings cascading over the plate.  The raspberry sauce and mandarin oranges were not only another nostalgic bloom but also a nice contrast.  Very nice cheesecake, perhaps one of the best I've had.

Overall, we both loved the food and relaxed, elegant atmosphere.  This is a classic steak house that features all of the tried-and-true dishes.  Nice to see a place not trying to reinvent the very best of traditional fare.

15 Beacon Street Boston, MA  02108
Telephone: 617.670.2515

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