Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cambridge Historical Tours

We recently helped kick off Cambridge Historical Tours by attending their first full day of tours.  Having lived in and spending so much time in the area of Harvard Square I thought I knew a lot about the general history but, as it turns out, this was barely a scratch on the surface.

The tours are led by historical characters in authentic period costumes with colorful, little-known facts and insights into the bawdy, competitive and politically-motivated goings on in colonial Boston and Cambridge.  I won't ruin it with surprising details but suffice to say it is quite entertaining.  Our tour was led by F. E. Stanley, inventor of the Stanley Steamer (among other things).

If you are new to Boston or visiting this summer you will leave this tour knowing more than lifelong residents.  In other words, it's for everyone and really different way to spend a few hours before lunch or dinner in the area.

The tours run ninety minutes to two hours in length and cost between $12 and $15 for adults.

You can get more information and purchase tickets here:  Cambridge Historical Tours.

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