Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chef Chris Gould Wins

Chef Chris Gould of Uni in Boston today won the USA Championship Round in the World Series of lobster recipes sponsored by Shucks Maine Lobster. I served on the judging panel at the International Boston Seafood Show and the competition was quite tough. Although each of the four USA chefs, from as far away as Portland, Oregon, offered something new and interesting, we all agreed that Gould's plate took it to the next level. A $5,000 award and World Series now await this summer.

That, however, was not the best part. Chef Angel Brown made an 80 mile trip and showed up unexpectedly to cheer on her former apprentice. "He worked at my side for three and a half years and always had the best knife techniques," she proudly told me and all she wanted in return was a photo taken with her student. Now, THAT is a teacher!

Congratulations all. Full post to follow.

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