Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ogunquit: Christmas By The Sea

We zipped out of the city last weekend for a relaxing few days far away from the maddening shopping mall crowds, up to the country house to help kick off the 25th Annual Christmas By The Sea in Ogunquit. The biggest festivities are actually next weekend and it's a chance to experience the holiday season in a quiet New England village filled with history and the kind of people who actually say hello as you stroll in the early morning hours.

Among the highlights: the best coffee and finely-crafted pastries served up by our friend Mary Breen at Bread and Roses Bakery, in the center of the village. We dropped by to deliver a gift box to Sara at Beachmere Inn, where they boast hot chocolate and the best ocean views. We wandered and photographed, dined out and took long, snoozy naps in the afternoon. We roasted chicken with lemon and just enjoyed the slow pace. If you go visit Abacus on Maine Street for some amazing finds. Hope you like the pics.

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