Monday, December 12, 2011

Dinner At Tavolo

The colorful Antipasti Plate was filled with as many flavors. Everything here was top quality.

We were dinner guests at Tavolo recently where we joined a group of friends and greeted by Chef Nuno Alves to taste a number of appetizers and sides with our main course and dessert. If you've never been, as a few of the guests had not, you'll find it very easy to get to. It's just a few steps from the Ashmont station on the red line. I often recommend Tavolo (and Ashmont Grill) to those visiting Boston as it's really a great way to get off the beaten tourist path and both represent some of the best dining values in the city with quality food at affordable prices.

The delicious, and beautiful, Pumpkin Soup.

Polenta Alla Icarus. A nod to owner Chris Douglass' former South End eatery and served with rich mushrooms and cheese. This was a standout.

Grilled Artichoke appetizer. Very nice.

The Ravioli were filled with sweet, house-made pumpkin ricotta.

My dish was the Lasagna. Made with a salsa Besciamella, house-made pasta and a pork/beef/veal ragu. Excellent. In fact, all of the pastas at Tavolo are house-made which makes all the difference in the world.

A dining companion across the table enjoyed the Shrimp Scampi, which looked mouth-watering and was reported to be excellent.

Garganelli Carbonara. This looked gorgeous and was reported as being very good.

Max's Meatballs. We had tried these a few years back and were very happy to still see them on the menu as they really are the best we've had. So, we just had to try a side of them and, of course, they are still great.

For dessert we enjoyed the rich Chocolate Torte with whipped cream and dusted with crushed pistachios.

1918 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester Ctr, MA 02124-3765
Telephone: 617.822.1918

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  1. YUM YUM YUM everything here looks delicious! I will definitely be checking Tavolo out since it is so close to my house...pumpkin ricotta filled ravioli? Garganelli Carbonara? Yes please :)