Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Food Blogger's Way

My desk is so filled with business cards I never have time to sort.

This week is always one of the slowest for a food writer who likes to be out there. I have one great dinner to attend tonight and, after that, it's all family and cooking. The absolute worst way to cook a turkey, by the way, is to roast it in an oven but we all have traditions to attend to.

Elegant dinners result in photo editing sessions which can take hours and hours to resolve.

Over the past few weeks I have been drawn into exploring food in so many new ways. Amazing tastes lead to photographs and conversations and meeting all kinds of people discussing how they have discovered food. Tonight I heard a theory that human evolution turned when we began to cook.

It may be 10% glamor and 80% work but it is that little bit left that I always want to find out. It's a food blogger's way.


  1. What is your preferred method for cooking a turkey?

  2. Great Blog! Would love to invite you to a Boston Blogger food event - cannot find your email. Please send to commongrouondallston@gmail.com or capabilitymom@verizon.net- thanks!!