Monday, October 24, 2011

Chefs Nandu Jubany and Carles Gaig

Harvard hosted legendary Spanish Chefs Nandu Jubany (Can Jubany) and Carles Gaig (Fonda Gaig) last week for their Science and Cooking lecture. What I loved about this presentation was that it was a mix of an older Chef with a younger one, utilizing techniques that are hundreds of years old and traditional with those that push the limits of modern gastronomy. The lecture title was: Mixing The Unmixable.

It was a night of sauces and the entire lecture hall was even treated to a taste of an amazingly simple yet flavorful sauce by Chef Gaig.

The other first was that we got to take a look at the sauces under a microscope! It was so interesting to see what was going on at this level, the size of the bubbles and the agents required to allow oil and water to be mixed.

Tonight's lecture will be from Wylie Dufresne so if you're heading over I would highly suggest that you arrive early. These lectures draw hundreds of people and this will be quite the popular lecture.

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