Sunday, September 25, 2011

Missing Trig

Look at that Calamari, spicy and sweet.

We had a relaxing, intimate lunch for four yesterday at Del Frisco's, looking out at the foggy waters of Boston, the clouds, eating and talking about food. I love when dining companions chat about places they have been and I was lucky to hear about Comerç 24 in Spain. My inspirational food blogger, Aidan "Trig" Brooks was once the Chef de Partie at Comerç 24 so there was an instant connection. His blog, Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef was the very thing that led me into the world of blogging and all of these wonderful people I have met by doing so.

That's Trig at work at the very same restaurant, a London boy, doing his thing in Spain. He was one of the most influential food bloggers in London. I really miss Trig because he, sadly, gave up his blog. You need to jump back in mate. Never give up when your fame is about to explode. Come back Aidan Brooks!

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