Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boston Fashion Week 2011

It's Boston Fashion Week 2011, which means that our event calendar is pretty much double what it usually is. It's been a dizzying pace. We started out last night at Middlesex Lounge for the Media Bistro gathering, where we met Callie Crossley of WGBH and discussed social media, food and wine, three of our favorite topics. Next, we zipped over to Brahmin to be with the beautiful people for their opening night party. We bumped into Leigh Harrington of Where Boston with whom we shared our MoreBeauté app as we sipped cocktails in mason jars, munched on delicious appetizers like spicy shrimp and enjoyed the Speakeasy feel of the renovations. The finale was at The Tent for the Mark Miller Show for Boston Fashion Week 2011. His stunning fur creations were really amazing and it was a chance to chat and mingle with the fashion crowd. So, the more we see and do this, the more we'll be writing, photographing, videoing and posting.

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