Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gettin Bizzy

There's a new app out there for foodies on the go and it's called Bizzy. We were the only food blogger in Boston to recently join the Bizzy team as they wrapped up their 16 day Bizzy Tour across the country. We dined at The Blue Room In Kendall Square and spent the evening talking food, enjoying the great meal (more on that later) and discussing social media apps. Bizzy is a location-based app which allows members to quickly rate places they have just been in a simple, easy-to-use way. And, believe me, if I can master it, anyone can. There are only three ratings choices. It really could not be more simple.

What's unique about Bizzy is that you don't check in. After you have completed your experience at the location you check out, leaving a quick rating and a brief description. You can also upload and add photos of your meal. The result: a really simplified version of those long, tedious, often disjointed reviews on other web sites. It's also a fun way to "check out" what other people are doing and where they are going in your area, or wherever you happen to be.

(Left to Right) Clay Fox, Ryan Kruder, VP Marketing, and Lea Marino, Community Manager, all of Bizzy, and Eric Leist and Mike Schneider of Allen and Gerritsen.

Oh yeah, we also enjoyed a few of these with our dinner.

Thanks Bizzy for a really fun evening and for making us feel like Boston's most influential food and social media blog!

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